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"You can count on Alexis Kossenko's imagination: each instrumental page is a narrative delight, in which the conductor pampers his orchestra. He organises, sets accents, tightens phrasing, relaxes, lovingly caresses, all with an attention to detail and an intimate understanding of Rameau's music that compel admiration".                                                     (Diapason)

"Alexis Kossenko's superlative conducting leaves no detail untouched, not even an opportunity for amusement."                                          (

"If you've never known what it means to make an orchestra sing, then listen to Alexis Kossenko"


"His precise, supple conducting is a masterpiece of homogeneity, instrumental finesse and dynamism.
It engages the listener in a constant jubilation" (

"Alexis Kossenko is a multi-talented young genius whose career will take him wherever he wants to go (...) Few conductors are as fascinating to watch, whether for their musicians or for us as spectators, and yet nothing is a gratuitous show designed to impress the audience"                                             (Musical Pointers)

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