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Les Ambassadeurs ~ La Grande Écurie is the convergence of two musical groups with prestigious backgrounds.

On the one hand, La Grande Écurie et La Chambre du Roy, founded in 1966 by Jean-Claude Malgoire, has left its mark on the history of music by opening up the stage to period instruments, inspiring so many musicians in its wake; the doyen of specialist ensembles, this orchestra has travelled through, questioned and rediscovered 6 centuries of music, from Machaut to Debussy.

On the other side, Les Ambassadeurs, a young, dynamic ensemble created by Alexis Kossenko, already at the head of a rich discography, noted for its eloquence in Bach, Purcell, Mozart and Beethoven, and particularly for its work on Rameau and the French Baroque.

Having lost their founder in 2018, the musicians of the Grande Écurie have chosen Alexis Kossenko to take over. A former member of the Grande Écurie, this internationally acclaimed flutist and sought-after conductor's approach and wide-ranging repertoire naturally follow in the footsteps of his illustrious predecessor.

In 2020, Alexis Kossenko foresees a shared future for the two orchestras. Under the benevolent patronage of Jean-Claude Malgoire, the orchestras are now joining forces to take off in a new direction, carrying out their mission as musical ambassadors with ever greater fervour and passion.

The discs produced by the Ambassadeurs ~ La Grande Ecurie have all been acclaimed by the critics: Diapason d'Or, Choc de Classica, Diamant d'Opéra Magazine, ffff de Télérama, Editor's Choice de Gramophone, etc...

Les Ambassadeurs ~ La Grande Écurie, a member of FEVIS and PROFEDIM, is supported by the DRAC des Hauts de France.

The ensemble is in residence at the Atelier Lyrique de Tourcoing and the Centre de Musique de Baroque de Versailles.

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